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18 yıl önce - Pzr 19 May 2002, 07:43
Ankara Radisson Blu otel

Eski ismi Stad oteli iken çekilmiş fotoğrafları :



16 yıl önce - Sal 04 May 2004, 18:20
Radisson SAS Hotel, Ankara

Radisson SAS Hotel, Ankara ...Code=ankzh

16 yıl önce - Pts 17 May 2004, 17:24

"Radisson SAS Hotel Ankara Starts Operating In July (2004)
Radisson SAS, which is one of the brands of Europe's leading hotel management company Rezidor SAS, opens its second hotel in Ankara after the one in Istanbul.
In accordance with the contract between Turkish Pension Fund and Radisson SAS, former Stad Hotel will be operated by Radisson SAS for the next 30 years. Philippe Pellaud will be the general manager of the hotel, which will be renamed Radisson SAS Hotel Ankara.
Renovation works still continue at Radisson SAS Hotel Ankara. There are plans to open the hotel to guests and to start serving Turkish tourism and Ankara on July 5th, 2004. Thanks to the hotel's central location, businessmen, government officials, sports teams of Ankara and visitor football teams are expected to stay there.

Philippe Pellaud, General Manager of Radisson SAS Hotel Ankara, described the hotel's understanding of management as follows: "As in all Radisson hotels, the main principles of our hotel will be 'fresh, host and easy'. We train our Turkish personnel according to international standards in order to maximize customer satisfaction. As 'human' is the factor that creates difference in service industry, human resources is the most important field for us..."

Radisson SAS, one of the world's largest hosting brands, continue operations in 164 hotels in 38 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Among Radisson SAS's standard service concepts, 100% Customer Satisfaction program is the most important one. At Radisson SAS hotels that adopt this program, "Yes, I Can!", service excellence program for solving all problems to achieve customer satisfaction, is also applied in all Radisson SAS hotels."

16 yıl önce - Çrş 19 May 2004, 14:59

Actually it was suppose to open in january 2004.. but due to the financial problems of pension fund,oppening delayed..


16 yıl önce - Cmt 22 May 2004, 13:57

Bu fotografta 10X optik 3X dijital zoom var!!
O yüzden gündüz olmasına rağmen el titremesi görünüyor.

Herneyse birşey farkettim salondan dürbün ile bakarken (karşı apartman sapık falan olduğumu zannediyor ) Radisson SAS (Eski Stad Otel) ın yazılarıda takılmış.


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