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14 yıl önce - Cum 31 Ağu 2007, 22:27
[İST-G1.148] - Transport to RockNCoke

Does anyone know if any special busses are going to RockNCoke music festival this weekend? I have a day ticket for Sunday and not sure how to get there from Maltepe. I first thought to take a taxi but for financial reasons I guess I'm better off taking a bus or so. The rockNCoke site mentions special transport but 1 day before the festival starts, that section of the site is still not finished  

Enes A.
14 yıl önce - Cmt 01 Eyl 2007, 00:31

There is buses from Kadıkoy.You can go to the rock'n coke with these buses with four ticket.

There is  a detailed information;



On 1-2 septemper between 09:00-21:00 shuttle services from different city centers.I will give information about only asian side.Buses stars to go rock'n coke at 09:00 o'clock from Kadıköy.You can go with four tickets.(5.2 TL)

If you want to turn back from there it will be shuttles too until 21:00 o'clock.After that there will be some services with works only money to can go Kadıköy with these buses instead of 10 TL.I'm working on Rock'n Coke.You can find me at nintendo stand.And ı will help you for transportation.

Not:Ulaşım-Yardım'a taşınması rica edilir.

14 yıl önce - Cmt 01 Eyl 2007, 02:02

"Shuttles are provided from certain main points listed below, from city to the festival area and vice-versa.  

Detailed schedules, ticket rates and  departure points  will be announced soon… "

The festival is about to start, when is that "announced soon" going to be?? I mean, that info should be on the site since ages already  

Anyway, I have 1 ticket but I am happy to pay for the bus. I mean, it will be cheaper than paying a taxi. I live in Maltepe so I will just take a bus to Kadikoy and then take the shuttle. Where exactly in Kadikoy is the special bus leaving? And is there a bus every half hour or so?

I come for the Manic Street Preachers and Pentagram. Will come to the Nintendo stand and say hi!

Enes A.
14 yıl önce - Cmt 01 Eyl 2007, 07:37

I am not sure but ı think buses go from "Kadıköy Kumluk Platform".It is opposite of Beşiktaş Ferry Pier.

Now I am going to Rock'n Coke from Tuzla. See you over there.