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17 yıl önce - Sal 30 Tem 2002, 03:16

Baqthier was asking about a Chinatown in Istanbul,
although there are no Chinese around, I have found this gate..



17 yıl önce - Pzr 04 Ağu 2002, 13:37

When you enter from the door, there are steps going down to a road,
but I didn't check out where it leads to. I know there is a restaurant,
because it says "open for lunch" on it, but I am not sure if the gate
belongs to the restaurant only. It could be even Chinese consulate,
because the Japanese consulate is just a couple of buildings away from
this gate, and most countries have their consulates around this area.
Then again, I know the symbols for "China" in Chinese, and it is
not written on this gate...

15 yıl önce - Pzr 19 Arl 2004, 03:37

Evet, "Congguo" (orta ülke) simgesi yok. Ama Japonca da değil, olsa hiragana ve katagana harfleri olurdu. Anlayan biri varsa söylesin ne yazdığını.

15 yıl önce - Pzr 19 Arl 2004, 04:07

"Buraya çöp atmayın kardeşim." yazmışlar


15 yıl önce - Pzr 19 Arl 2004, 10:01

Sira geldi Istanbu'a...Muhuhahahaaaa!

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