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15 yıl önce - Çrş 16 Nis 2003, 18:29

Hakan Cavcav demiş ki:
yatip kalkip foto cekiyon

Why don't you do us all a favor and share with us the most relevant and impact generating thing you've done recently.
Believe me, we all would like to learn from you...


15 yıl önce - Çrş 16 Nis 2003, 18:47

Farmir where are u from? Ive heard you can read turkish and can understand mostly part of it, but you cant write properly. I guess that one of your parents is turkish origin . Is that right?


15 yıl önce - Çrş 16 Nis 2003, 19:21

Farmir (Fariz) is from Azerbaycan.
He can read Turkish, and write also, but he doesn't want to write because of accent (lehce) difference

Because they have different expressions for many things, a recent example:
My uncle visited Baku airport many times for business, while we were changing the exterio. Do you know what they say when the plane arrives to the airport:
"Turk Hava Yollarinin Istanbul'dan beklenen TK 0001 numarali ucagi alanimiza DUSMUSTUR!" (While Dusmek means crash in Turkey - Turkish)
Many examples like this, made my uncle confused while talking... (He says)
Fariz, probably, doesn't want to confuse people and try get straight with English.

15 yıl önce - Cmt 19 Nis 2003, 03:19

Neee? Farmir Azeri mi? Öyleyse Azerice yaz canım kardeşim, biz de bu vesileyle az biraz öğrenmis oluruz. Hiç utanma, sıkılma.
Türk Türkle Türkçe konuşamayacaksa vay Türklüğün haline...

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