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15 yıl önce - Çrş 09 Nis 2003, 10:33

Dear friends,
Every year, Central Bank of Turkey publishes its annual report, including its online version on its web-site, Since 1997, the “YÖNETİM, PERSONEL VE İDARİ İŞLER” chapter of that report has been containing the information on the developments concerning the planned skyscraper of the Central Bank in 4th Levent (precisely across from where the “Istanbul Canyon” is now built.) The information that I have at this point about this project is that, reportedly and apparently, this skyscraper also got mired in some sort of dispute with the Besiktas municipality.
1997: The following is the excerpt from the Central Bank’s 1997 annual report concerning the Central Bank skyscraper (at this point, skyscraper is being planned and is referred to in the text as the “Istanbul Hizmet Binasi”): “İstanbul İli, Beşiktaş İlçesi, 4. Levent Semtinde bulunan arsanın üzerinde yaptırılması düşünülen Hizmet Binasının projelendirme ve danışmanlık hizmetleri devam etmekte olup, İdare Merkezi ile muhtelif şubelerin hizmet binası ve lojmanları ile sosyal tesislerdeki çeşitli, tadilat, tesisat, aydınlatma, yenileme, revizyon, doğalgaza dönüşüm, yangın tesisatı pompa istasyonu, bilgisayar destekli tasarım sistemi, mürekkep atölyesi ve diğer tadilat işleri gerçekleştirilmiştir.”
1998: The following is the relevant excerpt from CB’s 1998 annual report: “İstanbul Şubesi hizmet binası ile Ankara Çayyolu Eğitim ve Sosyal Tesis Kompleksi projelendirme işlerine başlanılmıştır.”
1999: The following is the relevant excerpt from CB’s 1999 annual report (skyscraper project is still in progress): “Ankara Çayyolu Kompleksi ve İstanbul Hizmet Binası Kompleksine ilişkin projelendirme çalışmaları tamamlanma aşamasına gelmiştir.”
2000: Now, when we reach the year 2000, the following happens. In October 2000, an article appears in the online version of the daily newspaper “Sabah” that refers to the CB skyscraper in 4th Levent and is describing the row developed between the CB and Besiktas municipality over this skyscraper. The article (called “Gokdelen Krizi”) writes that the current Besiktas mayor Yusuf Namoglu demanded a reduction of 10 floors from the planned height of the CB skyscraper on the (traditional) grounds that the skyscraper would jam the traffic and obstruct the work of some kind of radars. (I remember that the “radar argument” was also advanced when the Kaya Ramada Hotel was being built in Beylikduzu and there was opposition at that time to its construction.) More importantly, mayor Namoglu objected to the construction of the CB skyscraper because, as the article wrote, he wanted to expand the road intersection in that very spot and the scale of the planned CB skyscraper would interfere with the planned road junction expansion.
The following is the excerpt from the annual report of CB for the year 2000, which contains reference to this particular situation: “Ankara Cayyolu Egitim ve Rekreasyon Tesisleri Kompleksi ve Istanbul’da yapilacak Bankamiz hizmet binasi insaat uygulama projeleri tamamlanmistir. Istanbul 4.Levent’teki arsamizin alt bolumunde Besiktas Belediyesi’nin yaptiracagi kavsak calismasi nedeniyle kesin metrekaresi daha sonra belirlenecek bolumun (yaklasik 320 m2) ilgili Belediye’ye bedelsiz terk islemi yapilacaktir. Devam etmekte olan bu faaliyete ait gelismeler Genel Kurula sunulacaktir.”
Now, I don’t know if it means that the CB will build its skyscraper after it cedes these demanded 320 m2 from its plot, or that this project is now also in deep freeze.
2001-2002: Conspicuously, there are no major references to this skyscraper project in the CB’s 2001 and 2002 annual reports. At this point I do not know if anything is going to come out of this whole story or if this skyscraper is now also dead, like many others good projects that were never built because of “traffic and obstruction to radars” in Istanbul.

Misafir 425

15 yıl önce - Çrş 09 Nis 2003, 16:13

The site in question is the cleared plot of land on the right hand side of Buyukdere Avenue, before the Yapi Kredi Plaza buildings (and across from where the Istanbul Canyon is now being built.)

15 yıl önce - Çrş 09 Nis 2003, 16:36


Düsünsenize bi oralari ne kadar Gökdelenleri yapilnir! Tabiki oralarda cok Gökdelenler yapmak icin su kücük evleri yikmak lazim ve Skyline in diger tarafina bir tane daha yol (Otoyol?) yapmak lazim! Ve orayi bir tane büyük Park yapmak lazim (Yesil alanlar, Dinleme tesisleri, Göller yapilnir)! O zaman orasi cok güzel olur!

Bu evler Villami yoksa banami öyle güzel geliyorlar? Yoksa bunlar Gecekondularmi?

Ve size bir istegim var: Leventdeki Projelerin olacak yerlerini cizebilirmi birisi?

15 yıl önce - Çrş 09 Nis 2003, 16:39

Aman, nekadar kucukmus oralar havadan, yerden gorende Manhattan zanneder.

Sadece iki kucuk adaciktan ibaret binalarin konsantrasyonu.


15 yıl önce - Çrş 09 Nis 2003, 17:09


the picture is really old, there many new addititions to that picture.
Even Harmanci Giz and Metrocity is U/C on the picture.


Bunlar gecekondu olurmu? Ya da milyon dolarlik gecekondu olurmu?
Bunlarin hepsi villalar. Hepside su anda inanilmaz paralar ediyor.
Ama bu gelismelerden once (cok once) Levent ise yaramayan bir mahalle idi...


You did it again. As you said, you are collecting all the information for all the ones that are on hold, aproved and proposed.
By the way, I don't understand why they change that plot to an intersection. Also, I think that 320m2 is a very small area because there is thousands of m2.
It should need a little bit change of lowrise building, which will be next to the road, and that's it for 320m2. I don't understand the relation between 320m2 and the whole project? Unless the road does not pass from the middle of the plot!

Turkish Central Bank makes billions of dollars of sallary each year, they can build even higher than this proposal, though this one is enough too and design is perfect!

15 yıl önce - Prş 10 Nis 2003, 09:46

Villa´larda yasiyanlar varmi yoksa bos Villa´lar varmi? Bu Villalar bir kac sene sonra yikilnabilinirmi?


15 yıl önce - Prş 10 Nis 2003, 10:23

Kazandibi demiş ki:
Gentlemen, the time has come for us to plan a coup d'etat and remove all anti-skyscraper mayors and politicans - including the prime minister (first and foremost, actually...)

Tayyip Erdogan lets people build "architectless" mosques and houses everywhere (like the ones which fell apart furing the August 1999 earthquake), yet, when it comes to "skyscrapers", suddenly he and his inferiority-complexed populist likes become very "sensitive" (my ass) to traffic and infrastructure!... :splat:

Mr. Erdogan, please also be equally "sensitive" (!) on infrastructure and the few remaining (thanks to you and your Sultanbeyli projects) forest areas when passing laws like "Yeşil Talan Yasası" to build new shanty districts and get new Islamist votes!

Dear Kazandibi,
While I do not necessarily consider myself to belong to the electoral base of Saadet or AK parties, I think - based on my personal observations accumulated during a number of years during which I followed highrise developments in Turkey - that the problem of the small-minded opposition to construction of modern high-rise buildings - which, regrettably, seems, at times, to be prevalent in Turkey - is, unfortunately, much broader and pervesive in nature than being limited to the religious ideology-based parties only.
For example, the above mentioned mayor, Yusuf Namoglu, (who shelved the conspicously contemporary and landmark Central Bank highrise project designed by Arolat Architects) is from ANAP, the center-right party; whereas the former mayor of Istanbul, Nurettin Sozen, who had an inhereted aversion to highrises and killed in Istanbul such projects as Imar Plaza, Minoru Yamasaki's Sisli Citure and Trade Center and countless others, was a leftist. (If I remeber right, Sozen then had to step down because of a big corruption scandal involving his administration, the "Ilksan affair".) Or take the former left-wing mayor of Izmir, Yiksel Cakmur, who declared a holy war against the Izmir World Trade Center. Ask him why, and he will probably not give you a coherent answer. The only reason is, this guy hates the new mayor who replaced him and is determined to boggle down in court rooms all the new projects coming from his political opponent .
It is amazing and bizarre to see how mayors and others who have no qualms in fostering, or supervising through incompetence, corruption, can at the same time throw all their freaking time and efforts to wage a war against highrises.
I absolutely agree with you that a stated opposition to high-rises on traffic and other canard grounds, while tens of thousands of new slums are being encouraged to add to the alrealy existing hundreds of thousands of slum dwellings, is a two-faced, narrow-minded and stupid phenomenon, whether coming from an Islamist or leftist.

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