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15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 17:05

Dear friends,
As I wrote yesterday, on Saturday, I e-mailed Is GYO, Eczacibasi, TEPE Construction, JERDE and ARUP, requesting an information on the exact above-ground floor count and structural height, in meters, of the office and residential towers of Istanbul Canyon. (Of course, on Saturday, we did not know yet that such thing as the “residential tower” of Istanbul Canyon did not exist in nature.) This is the reply that I received today from one of the architects at IS GYO. For the purposes of privacy, I omit her name and contacts from the message; otherwise the following is the letter in full, as received:

“Dear Mr. ,
Below you will find the information you requested for the İstanbul Kanyon Project.
Office : 28 floors including.......: ground floor + 1 restaurant floor (1st flr) + 25 office floors + 1 mechanical floor
Height of the office tower from ground level: +116.20 mt ( parapet level)
Residence : 20 floors including........: ground floor + 1 retail floor + 17 residence floors + 1 mechanical floor
Height of the highest block of the residence from ground level: +71.90 mt (parapet level)
Ground level has been accepted as level -/+0.00mt. both for office and residence.
In fact, the entrance of the residence block is two levels below the ground level; since there is level difference at site.
i.e. at level -10.00 and there are two retail floors in between, then the residence becomes 22 floors in total and + 81.90 mt at height.
I gave this information, since I did not know which must be taken into account when the building height and floor count is considered.
I hope this information is what you needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case additional information is required.”

I hope all you guys will find this information informative and useful. Apparently, as we also learnt from Kerem’s photographs yesterday, such thing as the “residential tower” had only been the flight of our longing fantasy. At least, office is 116.20 m. Only 84 meters less than we expected Yet, still beating by 1m "Japan Center" and by 6m "Eurotheum", two of Frankfurt's recent landmark towers


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 17:14

Thanks Farmir. But I guess my scraper frique friends will not be very impressed with this news. Lets hope that at least the architecture will be nice. But IMO its stupid to build such ahort residential tower while having so many tall buildings around. One cant have that nice view from such resident. I would go for Polat,Metrocity or Elit residences. I mean if I have enough money.

15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 17:42

Much shorter than expected, but at least it's not ugly.


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 17:48

Thanx a lot Farmir, now I can add these info into Good Work. I love the design, forget the rest!


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 18:01


Can you make a search about Kombassan in Levent?
If you don't know it I can show you the pictures and give the address.

Thanks for this info.
According to counts from the enterence floor, the residential tower is 22 floors, 82 meter
And the the office tower's height is acceptable for me too, because they are doing this construction inside bad economical condititions (also don't forget the war).

I think the project looks great, I don't care about the height right now.


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 19:57

Halil, I agree that, with the square meter of land in 4th Levent costing one an arm and a leg and with IS REIT and Eczacibasi actually owning the largest plot in the area (30.000 m2), to finally build something of such scale is commercially, at least, a gross underutilization of the available long-term potential. (I am referring to the height and size only; otherwise I agree that "Istanbul Canyon" is a rather modern and innovative architectural solution for Istanbul.) I don't understand where the hell 248.000 m2 of construction area went, probably (and literally) under the earth.
Kerem and Kazandibi, I made a few other inquiries as well, I will post it here, when and if I hear back.
Anatolia, that architect from IS GYO wrote in her letter (above) that the residential block becomes 81.90 meters when counting two basement floors, where the entrance is located (10 meters below the ground (or "parapet" as she wrote) level). (Because of differences in ground levels at the site: some areas are dug more than others.) Otherwise, when measuring the height from the ground level, it is 20 floors and 71.90 m.
As for Kombassan, I do not have any information on it at the moment and doubt it will be anything tall, but if I come across anything, I will sure let you know.


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 20:07

Farmir, Do you have a clue about when theese towers are going to be completed?


15 yıl önce - Sal 01 Nis 2003, 20:38

Halil demiş ki:
Farmir, Do you have a clue about when theese towers are going to be completed?

Structural construction of the entire complex is to be completed, according to the terms of the held tender, by Tepe Construction in July 2004. It is planned that the entire complex should begin functioning in mid-to-late 2005. But I would not venture to tell the precise time of opening. With the big mixed-use real estate developments like this, it is the post-structural-construction phase that is the most capital consuming and market conditions prone phase of the investment. Besides, the investor, even after structural construction is completed, is normally waiting for the most ideal time in the market cycle to begin selling apartments or renting out premises in shopping mall. For example, with Metro City's structrual construction completed in Spring 2000, its shopping mall is coming on stream only now, because tenants started renting and moving in only after the effects of the 2001 financial crisis faded off in mid 2002.
But the structural construction will be completed in July 2004.

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